OPEN SEASON havana is set of "baseball" trading cards conceptualized by Miami-based artist Julie Lara Kahn in collaboration with Miami -based curator Susan Caraballo, Havana-based curators Nahela Hechavarría and Aylet Ojeda Jequín and 88 "players" in the Havana art community including: artists, collectors, curators, critics, and museum directors.

OPEN SEASON havana trading began during the IX Havana Bienal with actors and actresses from Havana's Teatro El Público costumed as cigarette girls and boys swapping 5-packs of cards for objects offered by the general public -- ranging from house keys and underwear to drawings and dreadlocks. The trading will continue on this side of the Florida Straights with actors and actresses from Miami's Circ X wearing Krelwear designs engaging the public at a series of events and openings in Miami during Art Basel Miami Beach. There will be a final trading party on Saturday, December 9 from 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm in Wynwood at Ingalls & Associates Gallery during the Kick It One Time Performace Project/Rush Arts X Party. OPEN SEASON havana will culminate in a Miami exhibition in 2007 of all the objects and video collected in both Havana and Miami during Basel and the Bienal.

At the crossroads of visual art, performance and commerce, OPEN SEASON builds on artist Julie Lara Kahn's ongoing body of work aimed at accessing our "true" stories, creating dialogue and developing community through participatory art.  

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